Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication was considered to be one of the best telecom service providers in the country. However, indecisiveness and bad debts have finally taken its toll and RCom Insolvency case is the hottest financial topic nowadays. How did it happen? What is happening? All of these questions shall be answered at Registrationwala.

What is New Bankruptcy Law in India

New Bankruptcy Law in India is states under the Insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016. It is focused towards ensuring that the operational and/or financial creditors are paid back what the corporate debtor owes. Through this law, a resolution is reached through which either the company is revived or liquidated.

Key Features of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India

Key Features of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws in India

When it comes to legal matters, the entire ordeal of explanation can be a bit disjointed courtesy of the fact that they are difficult to comprehend. The same can be said about the new bankruptcy law…

What Is Insolvency and Bankruptcy
What is insolvency and Bankruptcy? Insolvency refers to a state of being where an entity is not able to pay back its creditors, and bankruptcy is its declaration. The purpose of this blog is telling you about the very definition associated with insolvency and bankruptcy. Once you are through with it, you are going to have a general idea associated with them.