Silly E-Cig Issues

Bought a new e-cig today, only to find that it didn't work right.


It seems that I should really give up on e-cig's. Every time I get a new one, I end up really liking it thinking that it will last a life time. But, no, I end up getting ones that are instantly faulty or in need of repair.

And that happened to me today. I bought a new e-cig, got home, took it out of the case, filled it with e-liquid and tried to vape. Nothing. Instead, the e-liquid leaked out of the mouthpiece and there was no vape whatsoever. I took it back to the smoke shop where I purchased it from and the owner was able to get it working in less than 2 minutes.

The issue? There was NO coil! HA! I forgot to put the coil in. I can now vape until I am ready to quit smoking completely. And I hope that is sooner than later.