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Brahim baghzaf
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About SG Autorpondeur

His mission

To accompany you with humanity to make your business independent to better enjoy your freedom and live fully.

His origin

SG Autorpondeur was born in Provence, in the south of France, on a beautiful summer morning under the playful gaze of the cicadas in symphony.Its founder, Sbastien Gourrier, has always been eager to make communication easier and more direct than a simple hello.He also wanted, in his ideal, that it be more effective and that it bears the trust of a real handshake.Then, after 7 years of army and only 23 years old, he decided to create (in 2010) a marketing assistant as accessible as it is intelligent and who would have a human face.Its course: that the TPE / PME, infopreneurs, bloggers, auto-entrepreneurs and craftsmen can also smile to life and offer their expertise by touching more people.

In just 8 minutes, you'll find behind the scenes a tool that successful marketers have been using for more than 15 years. This tool is finally accessible to all small and medium sized companies.

His strengths

A team located in France
A responsive, efficient and thoughtful support
An intuitive and clear interface
Well-known IP addresses

Simple, elegant and refined
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