7 Tips to Save Money on Big Birthday Party

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Until and unless you are a professional event planner, every time a birthday party needs to be organised, you have to deal with lots of apprehension and intricate planning.

There are a plethora of things to think about starting from the venue to the menu and you also have to keep the costs down as much as possible.

Hosting a party that is fun and awesome is also quite heavy on the pocket. But don’t lose hope!

You can still throw an enjoyable party without breaking the bank. Here are some tips that will get you going and help you design a big party on a small budget.

Just have a look.

  • Pick Up a Budget-friendly Location – If the house does not work for the party, there are a number of places like the churches and the parks that will let you rent the space for a security deposit or a nominal fee. It is likely that you can get back the deposit once you clean-up after the party is over.

  • Visit the Dollar Store – As compared with the big and showy shops and malls, you should check your local dollar shop for inexpensive party supplies. You can get what you need at almost half the price or even lower at your nearest dollar store. If you are going for a themed party, it will be even more beneficial if you visit your local dollar store. For example, 1 tablecloth that is priced at $3 in a mall or any other extravagant shop can be derived at the cost of just $1 from a dollar store. So you can yourself understand the trend here.

  • Go for Custom Invitations or E-Invitations – Instead of the fill-in the blanks from a store, you should go for the customised invitations. The only problem is that the customised invitations can cost you a lot of money. However, the good news is that there are many sellers online who bring forth affordable personalised PDFs. Just search for the theme to find an invitation that you can download. The cost for that may range between $5-15. The seller customizes it according to the party details. After doing that, an image file is sent to you. You can have customised invitations 40 cents each. Just the envelopes and the stamp costs are added to that. If you don’t want to go for the added hassle of stamps and envelopes, there are also beautiful electronic invitations that can be purchased at a very small fee. They come with tracking and reminder features and the designs are great.

  • Get the Headcount -When you are hosting a party and are concerned about keeping your costs low, you need the right RSVP. Having a more or less accurate headcount can prevent you from overbuying or underbuying and save a lot of cash. That is why if people are not responding to you, you should try to reach out to them over the phone and ask in a friendly manner whether they are willing to attend or not.

  • Make the Cake – The bakery cakes can be super-cute but they are also expensive. Instead you can go for a mix of boxed cake. You can also go for the cupcake liners in colour coordination or you can also create fun cup-cake decoration sticks. You may even have a figurine in your toybox that you can stick at the top of the cake.

  • Make Foods That Are Affordable and Easy – Food is the one aspect that most people look forward in parties. But try to keep it simple with few easy-to-make pastas, salads and sandwiches. For the fool-proof recipes, the internet, especially the Pinterest is a great resource. To save the stress, you should pick up recipes that can be prepared ahead of time. Remember birthday parties though a lot of fun, also involves a lot of work.

  • Borrow and Hire What You Don’t Have – You should not buy what you can borrow or hire and that can range from serving bowls and platters, table linens and glassware to extra seating and lounges and tables. There are family members and friends who can let you borrow some of theirs and you will be able to round up enough of what you want without spending a cent. If you do not manage to get the help, then you can also opt for chair hire or lounge or table hire instead of buying. That will cost you much less and will enable to achieve the right décor without making a great investment.

The above are some of the tips to save money while organising a big party so that you do not have to cut a slack on the fun and enjoyment quotient to avoid making a dent in the pocket.